Waste Management

In today’s environmentally conscious global community, the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials, energy and waste is the cornerstone of any industrial activity.

The requirements of sustainable development in a world with constantly growing demands have led all sectors of industry, and the cement industry in particular, to act immediately and in many cases effectively. The reduction, reuse and recycling of raw materials, energy and waste constitute a primary element in the implementation of the TITAN Group’s Environmental Policy.

Raw materials and intermediary products of the production process are recovered with special equipment and, after being processed to remove foreign particles, reintroduced into the production line and subsequently reused.

Recycling of oil

In alignment with the Company’s policy for compliance with the environmental-related legal regulations (Law on Environment, Law on Waste Management as well as the related bylaws) and the unfeasibility for proper and safe disposal of the oils and lubricants in the country, it was decided in 2008 that the waste oils and lubricants generated in the production process and handled as per the acts above and in line with the Basel Convention to be exported through an authorized company to an EU-country (Austria) where waste oils and lubricants have been safely destroyed in a waste co-incineration installation.


Wherever possible, materials are recycled onsite at the plants.
In cases in which collected materials cannot be recycled internally, they are treated externally through a collective management system or licensed subcontractors.