Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) poses an integral part of the TITAN Group’s philosophy and to a great extent directs and drives the way we operate and exercise business activity since our beginning.

For TITAN and its associated companies, as Cementarnica USJE AD, CSR is not a public relations exercise, it is about taking action in order to meet social and environmental challenges beyond legal obligations. A short definition to define this approach is the following:

‘We understand the term Corporate Social Responsibility to refer to the whole range of activities, programs and services to our stakeholders (internal and external) which we have organized voluntarily and are implementing above and beyond those activities required of us by legislation’.

TITAN has endorsed many initiatives in the CSR front; it has joined Jacques Delors’ Group ‘against Social Exclusion’, founded the Greek Network for Corporate Responsibility, signed the UN Global Compact in 2002 and participates in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Usje’s CSR Policy is implemented in those areas where the TITAN Group has particular knowledge and experience – the necessary condition for the added value we intend to generate.

Therefore, the three areas on which concentrate our efforts are:

   • Education
   • The Environment
   • Health and Safety in the workplace

CSR Related Projects

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development play a pivotal role in the operations of TITAN Group and Cementarnica USJE AD and they have been part of our culture for decades.

We have embedded them into our corporate strategy and value system not only out of a sense of responsibility, but primarily because we are convinced that they benefit both the societies in which we operate as well as our stakeholders.

In 2008, Cementarnica USJE implemented many CSR related projects and activities for its own employees:

   • Donations in kind
   • Additional severance payments (retirement or disability)
   • Money aid to our employees
   • Monetary “reimbursement” to next of kin (natural death)
   • Career counseling for employees children
   • Christmas children’s parties
   • Scholarships for employees and their children
   • Program of vocational guidance for staff children
   • Additional vacation bonus
   • Christmas gift vouchers
   • Woman Day
   • Doctor for ladies
   • Bonus
   • Jubilee prizes (Continuous service in the Company)

In addition, Usje provided its CSR support to the community and society at large:

1. Annual Scholarship Program
Two scholarships are provided annually to top university students for MBA studies at the ALBA University in Athens, Greece. Cementarnica USJE AD covers the full cost of tuition plus a monthly allowance for living expenses. In 2009/2010 Usje extend its scholarship program on providing scholarships for graduated prospectus students at the postgraduate studies on Faculty for Economy at the Unevirsety St. Kirilus and Metodius.

2. Horticultural arrangement of the yards of the elementary schools in the Municipality of Kisela Voda
Planting trees and flowers as well as horticultural arrangement of schoolyards in the elementary schools in the Municipality of Kisela Voda.

3. Vocational Training Program for Young unemployed from Neighboring Communities
Young unemployed participants have been acquainted with practical and theoretical knowledge for mechanical maintenance, cement producing, Health & Safety and environmental issues to enhance and support their professional prospects.